Anonymous Hits Texas Law Enforcement: Dumps Racist Emails

Anonymous returned from a period of inactivity today, dumping a trove of emails, internal memos and addresses from Texas law enforcement.

Among the cache were the private emails from several Texas Police Chiefs. The emails included brutally racist remarks and email chains, which will surely bring the officers to public scorn. In one email chain, titled “1,400 years of Muslim Inbreeding,” officers talked about how Muslims should “stay in their own sandbox” and avoid “trying to inflict their insane beliefs and religion upon civilized people.” In another email, the first of the dump, the chief of police from Friendswood, Texas discussed an arrest using lewd, racist and misogynistic remarks.

The group also hit with ddos attacks, knocking the site offline. It remains inaccessible.

Anonymous carried out the attack for various reasons: revenge after Topiary, a figurehead among the notorious hacker group, was recently arrested; political motivations, because Anonymous has a professed vendetta against law enforcement, border patrol, and anti-immigration policies; and to advance the group’s wider mission of agitating, exposing, and dislodging the establishment.

According to Anonymous’s Pastebin announcement, hackers had been perusing Texas police files for months, siphoning away files classified as ”law enforcement sensitive” and “for official use only.” The group nabbed police records regarding internal affairs investigations, training materials, and passwords.

“While many of our comrades facing charges and in prison are innocent, there is no such thing as an innocent police officer, and we will continue to directly attack the prison industrial complex by leaking their private data, destroying their systems, and defacing their websites,” according to the announcement.

Anonymous struck the Arizona Police Department with a similar attack in June.

Gizmodo included a few excerpts from the dump’s emails here.

At the end of the announcement Anonymous promised to continue operations.

“Hackers all over the world are uniting to make 2011 the year of hacks and revolutions. Join us, comrades: open fire on governments, law enforcement organizations, white hat, corporate and military targets!”

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