Apple Patents an Integrated Fitness App

App Illustration Via Patently Apple

A patent discovered by Patently Apple shows an Apple App design for a Fitness Center App, complete with body-tracking, a social network and workout tips.

According to the patent, which was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office today, the app is exclusively Apple’s though, they appear to be including Nike in the program. One of the illustrations lists “The Nike Training Club Class.”

Here’s what Patently Apple had to say:

“[The App] is well designed to cover all aspects of a workout including stats gathered from next generation smart equipment right down to the inclusion of a unique social networking component that will work within a particular fitness center or within your city limits to help you find a workout buddy and/or to stir on competition to get you motivated. Apple’s new fitness center app is designed to work with your iPhone or iPod touch to provide you with realtime stats to keep you informed and on track.”

The app covers a wide array of fitness-related pursuits, from seeking a gym, to motivational functions, to the social network.

For example, it will help you find gyms in your area, schedule training sessions or schedule workout times with the gyms, provide promotional passes to fitness providers, and more. It also helps gyms reach out to potential customers, sending push notifications to members and trial members.

“For example, the integrated application could provide the user with news and updates associated with the fitness center, provide daily promotions, provide a scheduler,” according to Patently Apple.

Once in the gym, the application will feature equipment guides, workout videos, and workout routine tracking features: calories, miles run, weight lifted, etc. Also, the social aspect could help promote competition among friends or members of the gym.

For full details, including pictures, check Patently Apple here.


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