Apple Self Checkout: Buy in-Store Goods with iOS App

Soon you will be able to buy goods at Apple stores using a self checkout feature on your iOS device. No employee help necessary.

Apple is soon launching an update to its retail store iOS app that will let you buy shelf-stocked items in its retail locations without having to go through employees, according to a tip received by MacRumors.

Charges will be applied via the Apple Store app to your iTunes store account. Customers who have made a purchase will be able to show an emailed receipt to employees, proving that they weren’t pulling a fast one.

High-value items such as iPhones, Macs, and iPads are kept in the stockroom so will require employee assistance. But you will soon be able to use the Apple Store app to purchase such items remotely and simply drop by to pick them up. Other items, like chargers, cases, software, and accessories, all of which are kept on the sales floor, will be available for purchase using your iOS device.

According to Heylookitseric, the self-checkout system will roll out on November 3rd, just in time to help ease the holiday shopping lines.

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