FBI Reveals Roswell Documents through The Vault

Recently unclassified documents from the FBI have revealed that government officials reported “flying disks” over Roswell in 1947. For years conspirators have alleged the government of finding UFO’s and keeping the information hidden from the United States public. According to the documents, it appears that there may be a hint of truth in that allegation.

The Vault is the FBI’s online cloud storage system where the FBI uploaded some of documents relating to unexplained phenomenons, including reports on ESP and ‘Project Bluebook’. As documents become unclassified, the FBI posts them here so that the public can see the files.

One cable, titled Flying Saucers, states that on the night of March 22nd, 1950, an Air Force investigator reported three “flying discs” crashing, about 50 feet in diameter, and (here’s the creepy part) each containing three bodies. The bodies were three feet tall, dressed in metallic clothing, and each was dressed resembling a “test pilot”. This particular cable was delivered to the Director of the FBI, who was J. Edgar Hoover.

For years, scientists have tried to understand the universe, with NASA sending probes and robots to distant planets in the hopes of being able to discover life in another universe, or here in our own solar system. No matter if you believe the conspirators who think the US Government is actively trying to cover up the existence of life on another planet, or you think that surely we can’t be alone out there, these documents are no less interesting to read.

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