Foxconn Plant Explosion Kills Two, Breaking (Video)

Screen Grab via M.I.C. Gadget

An explosion erupted in a Foxconn plant near Chengdu, China, killing two and suspending production.

Foxconn is the originating point of Apple’s supply chain, and has been embattled lately because of several worker suicides.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the explosion killed two factory workers and injured 16, but that Chinese firefighters have gotten the blaze under control, according to a Foxconn spokesperson.

The downed plant has come at a moment when Apple’s supply line is already backed up and unable to fulfill demand for its iPad 2 device.

“Anytime you have an explosion of this nature, you’ve got to assume that there’s some impact on the production line,” Rhoda Alexander, an analyst for IHS iSuppli, told the WSJ.

She added, however, that the explosion wouldn’t likely throttle Apple’s supply line for an extended period of time as Foxconn would quickly clean up debris and resume business as normal.

To view footage of the immediate aftermath, click here.

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