(Update) PSN Network Outage Explained

The mystery behind why the Playstation Network was taken completely offline last week has been solved — and the findings aren’t good. The official Playstation blog posted this morning that they are preparing to send an email to all of their registered users (both on PSN and Qriocity) about a “compromise of personal information as a result of an illegal intrusion of our systems”.

A copy of the email, which is also available on the blog, briefly runs down the compromised information and what Playstation has done or will be doing to provide for better security. The scary part is the amount of information that was obtained by the hackers — and PSN is still unsure if the people responsible were able to get the credit card information of their users. Given the volume of information that Playstation is confirming was breached, it’s a concern. Some of the information includes purchase histories, security answers, home addresses, user names, passwords, in fact — pretty much everything was stolen.

Playstation said they turned off the networks, contracted a security firm to investigate, and is currently in the “re-building” process of their system. They urge users to take security precautions and remain vigilant to protect themselves against charges on their accounts. The ETA for the network to return is “about a week.”

In case you’re wondering, “hack”tivist group Anonymous remains quiet on the issue.

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